How to Have a Proper Staycation

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Have you been feeling tired or stressed a lot lately? Would you like to get away for a while but don’t have the time or vacation days to do so? Try a staycation! A staycation is when you can enjoy the perks of a traditional vacation without venturing too far from your Atlanta apartment. The benefit is that you get to save time and money while allowing yourself the time you need to recharge. Here are a few ideas to turn your home into your private getaway:

Create a Zen Space

Sitting on your bed watching Netflix is not going to give you the mental separation you require. The idea is to feel like you’re away from home and out of your normal routine. Try creating a new space in your home with the sole purpose of relaxing there. You can add beautiful plants, calming décor, candles or essential oils and even a mini water feature.

Buy a Hammock

If you find yourself wanting to spend a little more time in nature, think about investing in a hammock! A hammock provides the uniquely peaceful feeling of being weightless and suspended in mid-air. Nothing says rest and relaxation like swaying under a shaded tree. Hammocks are surprisingly inexpensive and can be hung just about anywhere.

Find a Deal At a Local Hotel

Sometimes we really just want a change of scenery. A night or two in a nice hotel can work wonders! You can find a place that has a great spa and book a massage or facial. You could venture to a side of town or just outside of town and do some exploring. You could even find a hotel with an entertainment or dining package so you won’t have to worry about anything outside of showing up and having a good time!

We could all use a vacation every now and then, but it can be easy to put one off or avoid them all together because we believe we have to go big (Like flying to Greece) or stay home. It’s important to remember you can still get away while planning and saving for your dream trip!

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