Who put the spring in spring cleaning?

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As the days slowly get longer and we lose an hour to dreaded daylight savings, there’s one task hanging over everyone’s head: Spring cleaning. We all know that spring cleaning is a time honored tradition, but where did this ritual come from? What are the origins of spring cleaning and why do we annually clean house at the start of spring?

To be honest, there’s no easy answer. People across the globe have their own reasons for spring cleaning. Whether its cultural, religious, or even biological; there’s something about spring that tells you to tidy up.

Spring has Sprung
Some credit the Persians for spring cleaning. In Persian cultures, New Year’s Day is the first day of spring. For hundreds of years, Persians all over the world would “shake the house,” or clean top to bottom, before the start of the new year. Another origin of spring cleaning could be from Judiasim. In order to prepare for Passover, it is a Jewish custom to rid the home of any yeast products. Thus, creating the ritual of spring cleaning.

Blame it on Biology
Beyond cultural and religious reasons for spring cleaning, the urge to bring order could be biological. During the winter, the human body goes into hibernation mode. Basically, it means we sleep a lot more than normal. Once daylight savings hits and we have an extra hour of sun, the body has more energy, and one of the first things we’re hardwired to do is clean!

When it's Springtime in Atlanta
Too busy or burned out to spring clean? Not a problem! There are many Atlanta resources you can utilize. Need a basic cleaning, book a session with Atlanta Green Maids. They offer home and office cleaning services, as well as several add-ons including laundry folding and patio sweeping. If you need a professional organizer to help bring serenity to your home, call Order by Kate. Order by Kate employes a number of professional organizers ready and willing to teach you where to start with organizing and how to turn it into a lifelong routine.

Happy spring cleaning!

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